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$72.99 - Stop-smoking solution that lasts for 12 weeks

Nicorette is one of the popular nicotine replacement gums in the market. The nicotine level of this stop-smoking solution is at 4 mg per gum. Its mode of action is similar to that of nicotine patches and the therapeutic levels of nicotine are introduced to our system in order to curb our cravings and help us resist the urge to light up and puff a cigarette.

Nicorette adopts a 12-week treatment regimen where 170 pieces of nicotine gum is used with the following dosage rates:

  • Week 1 to 6: one nicotine gum in 1 to 2 hours
  • Week 7 to 9: one nicotine gum in 2 to 4 hours
  • Week 10 to 12: one nicotine gum in 4 to 8 hours

To complete the program, you will have to purchase 2 boxes of Nicorette and this translates to a total cost of at least $140.

The quick nicotine release is a differential advantage of nicotine replacement gums over the other stop-smoking programs. Nicotine is instantly introduced into your system the moment you take and start chewing the nicotine replacement gum. Another advantage of this type of program is that the act of chewing provides instant gratification and helps smokers curb their cravings and prevent them from lighting and puffing a cigarette. According to research, nicotine replacement gum is best for those who smoke sporadically and may not be as effective for those who smoke on a more regular basis.

Nicorette is at best a short-term solution for cigarette smoking and the dose may not be enough in providing a lasting solution for nicotine addiction. It can be effective as a quick-fix but should not be used as a long-term solution for cigarette smoking and nicotine addiction.

And just like with HABITROL, the purchase of Nicorette provides for a 30-day money back guarantee and this offer is only good for products that have not been opened.

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